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servicio derecho corporativo en mexico y colombia

Corporate Law

We help our clients in selecting the type of company that best suits their needs, assisting them both in the creation and in the day-to-day operation.

Our services include, among others:

Health and Regulatory Law

We advise our clients regarding the legal requirements applicable to the production, import, export, distribution, storage, and marketing (including advertising) of health supplies, consumer products, chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers.

In the same way, we assist our clients in their interactions with the competent authorities in this matter (e.g. Ministry of Health, COFEPRIS, PROFECO, etc.).

Likewise, we provide training to the different business areas of our clients in order to ensure a full understanding

Servicios de derecho regulatorio y salud en mexico
Sedano Martinez Abogados


We advise our clients in carrying out audits to identify the activities that generate risks in terms of of anti-corruption regulatory compliance, assisting them in the preparation of plans, programs, codes, policies, procedures and training that allow them to mitigate said risks effectively and without compromising the success of the business.

Real Estate Law

We provide advice to our clients regarding obtaining
of licences, permits and authorizations for the acquisition,
lease, operation and/or sale of real estate, including
conducting audits and regularization processes of these.

Nuestros servicios comprenden, entre otros:

servicio dederecho inmobiliario

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