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Nuestro equipo altamente calificado y comprometido trabajará contigo para encontrar la mejor solución a tus necesidades legales.

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Sedano Martinez Law

Who we are?

With an extensive experience in different law practices, the firm is committed on providing efficient and customized legal solutions.

We are a highly trained and experienced team, SedanoMartínez focuses on understanding the needs and objectives of its clients, providing them with comprehensive and quality legal advice in each of its operations in Colombia and Mexico.


About us

About us

SedanoMartínez is a legal firm of professionals with extensive experience as lawyers for recognized firms in Mexico and Colombia and leaders of legal areas of transnational companies with operations in the United States and Latin America, which allows us to have a broader vision of the solutions that our clients require.

Through professionals with more of 15 years of experience specializing in Corporate, Contractual, Regulatory, Health, Compliance and Real Estate Law. Helping its clients achieve their objectives through ethical, efficient and effective legal solutions.


Contribute knowledge, experience and ethical values ​​to the development of Mexico and Colombia through the correct advice of local and foreign clients with the intention of ensuring a sustainable operation.

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To be an expert and reliable business partner for our national and foreign clients, with an ethical, strategic, innovative and responsible approach.


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Legal Advice with a true Business Partner approach

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